How to Remember Dreams

Before you try to have a problem-solving dream, it’s best to get in the habit of remembering dreams.

That’s because when this technique doesn’t work, it’s usually because you haven’t remembered a dream!

Boobela sleeping

There are three key to remembering your dreams:

1.  Wake up during a dream.  (After a dream is finished, you usually turn over or move your arms and after this it’s much harder to remember a dream!)

How do you do this?  Simply say to yourself before you go to sleep, “I want to remember a dream tonight.  I will remember a dream tonight!”  Then picture yourself awakening with a vivid dream fresh in your mind.

Your mind will automatically wake you during a dream.

2.  When you wake up with a dream, don’t move, until the dream is clear in your mind.

3.  Finally, jot down a few words about the dream — or record it on your Ipod or MP3 player.