How to Have a Solution Dream

Once you can remember a dream almost any time you want,  you are ready to use the Solution Dream technique.

Reread the story “The Family in the Swamp” from Boobela and Worm, Ace Detectives.

Did you notice that just before she went to sleep Boobela was thinking about Charles’ problem?  And that she desperately wanted to help him?

These are the first steps of having a Solution Dream!

1.  Concentrate on the problem you want to solve before you go to sleep.

        a.  Why is it important?

        b.  How does it affect you and others?

        c.  How have you tried to solve it and why hasn’t this worked?

        d.  Imagine what would happen if the problem was solved.  How would you, and those close to you, feel?

Albert Einstein looking very silly.
Remember solving problems is fun and Solution Dreams often make you laugh!

2.  Now condense the problem into a single sentence and write it down on a piece of paper.
Then put this under your pillow.

3. As you go to sleep, keep thinking about the problem and remind yourself you want to remember a dream.

4.  When you wake up, don’t move.  Search for any dreams you can recall.  Write or record whatever you remember.  Don’t worry if it has any connection with your problem.

5.  In the morning think about your dream and your problem.   Ask yourself “if my dream was a solution to the problem, what would it be telling me?”