Using Your Potions


If you have trouble sleeping, rub some lavender cream gently onto your temples before you go to bed. It can also be used in the same way for headaches. Some people use lavender cream for dizziness or travel sickness. If you suffer from these, try rubbing it onto your temples or your wrists and see if it helps.


Calendula cream is great for cuts and bruises. For cuts, clean the cut, apply the cream, then put on a bandage. If rubbed on bruises it helps them heal quicker.

It can help with athlete’s foot and other fungal infections (e.g. ringworm) and is also good for burns (once the heat has gone out of them). Some people use it for mild sunburns.

It is good for nappy rash if you have a baby brother or sister!


St. John’s Wort is good for insect bites and cuts. (Historically it was known as Wound Wort.) It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

It calms irritated, sensitive or red skin. It has been scientifically proven to help eczema.

Some people say if you rub St. John’s Wort on the area in the middle of your forehead, you can see fairies!