Gathering the Herbs

The first step in making your potions is to gather your herbs. I suggest that you start with the three plants Boobela uses in Potion Power — marigold (especially calendula or pot marigold), lavender and St. John’s Wort.

The first two can be found in many gardens or parks.┬áSt. John’s Wort is a bit rarer.

You’ll only have to pick a few flowers — three or four — to make a single pot of potion. Never pick more than you will use, especially if you are picking in a public park.

Before you pick each flower, ask in your head if it would like to be used for your potion. Try this with three or four flowers. If you get an “answer” great!

If not, just pick the flowers that look the happiest and healthiest.

Boobela picking flowers

Finding the Plants

Use the pictures below to find the right plants. They all are at their best in the summer. They are “sun” plants.

Calendula or Pot Marigold


St. John’s Wort

If it’s the wrong time of year, you can often find these herbs in a dried-up form at shops that sell herbs and plants, but it’s my experience that these plants don’t change colour when heated up or left in the sun..