No More Nightmares

 Follow these steps to get rid of your nightmares:

First, reread “The Fear Tree” in Boobela and the Belching Giant.

Remember a nightmare you’ve had recently.  Or if you have the same nightmare again and again, think about it.

Think about what was scary in your dream and what would make it less scary.

For example, if you were being chased, what would help you to turn and face your pursuer?

Once you’ve thought of a way to give the dream a happy ending, imagine how much fun it will be to turn and scare the monster which is scaring you!

Boobela called on Worm in her dream – a big strong Worm. You could call on Worm, or Boobela, or your mum or dad, or a friend from school. Why not several people? The more the merrier!

Call for help in dream

Picture how pleased you’ll be when this happens, how excited you’ll be when you tell your mum and dad in the morning.

Finally, use the Fear Tree before you go to sleep to get rid of any fears you have.

Then go to sleep looking forward to having – and changing – your nightmare.

Do this for several nights. Then take a break. (Some children have their dreams the first night they try, others take a little longer. Some have their dreams during the break after.)

Don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first night.  With practice you will, just like Boobela did!