Practice Makes Perfect

Just before you practice, reread “To Grandmother’s House” to remind yourself how Boobela learns to dowse.

Using dowsing

  •  Hold the handles loosely in your hands, pointing away from your body.
  • Let your mind become day-dreamy.
  • Ask the rods to show you a “yes.”

A Cowboy Dowsing

  • It may take a while before they move.  Be patient. If nothing happens, ask again, then take a break.  (With rods, a “yes” is usually indicated by the sticks crossing one another.
  • Now ask the rods to show you a “no.”  Once again, it may take a while, but often the rods will say “no” by swinging away from one another.  Be patient.

  • (Remember, Boobela had to learn to allow the rods to move by themselves. Don’t swing them or try to make them do what you want. Dowsing lets your mind show you what it’s thinking through the rods’ movement.)
  • If nothing happens in ten minutes, leave it for another day. Also leave it if you feel tired.

  • Once you have your “yes” and “no,” put an object on the floor where you can see it and ask the rods to find it. Once you can do this easily, you can try to have the rods find things you (or someone else) has lost.
  • Remember it will take lots and lots of practice to get good at this so don’t be impatient!

Be Patient!