Special Magic

When I’m not writing, I’m a psychotherapist that means I help people who are unhappy or have problems.

That means I’ve learned a lot about how people’s minds work.And how everyone can do pretty amazing things if they try.

So I decided to teach Boobela (and you!) how to use the Special Magic of your mind.

Gran teaches Boobela how to stop nightmares

In each book, there’s one story in which Boobela learns something new from her Gran. ¬†And on this website, I’ll expand on these lessons, so that you too can learn Special Magic like Boobela.

I believe every child has magic in them.

As Gran tells Boobela in the stories, “Magic is in your heart and in your mind.”

Boobela magic hands small

In the pages that follow, I’ll give you instructions on how to develop your own Special Magic.

Why not try out what Boobela is learning?

You may be surprised at what you can achieve!