Buying Copies of the Boobela Books

The original edition of the Boobela books has been out of print for some time, though some of the titles are available at great expense on the second hand market.

The good news is that all six Boobela books are now available in paperback.  These are the entire original text, with full color pictures, and the original covers.

The entire series is also available in the Itunes and the Kindle Stores, for reading on Ipads and Android tablets.  In some ways the electronic versions are even better than the printed ones — because the full page spreads of Sam’s brilliant artwork can be seen as they were originally drawn!

Here are all the books with links to both the US and UK Amazon, Kindle and Itunes stores to buy them:

“This book is an ideal stepping stone between picture books and novels. There are not enough good books for this age range, and Friedman’s sympathetic approach will make this one to reread.” Amanda Craig, The Times

“Boobela and Worm now bears a “Staff Choice” sticker. It’s really wonderful to have such a delightful collection of feisty (and not remotely pink-and-saccharine-fairy-or-unicorn-or-cute-kitten) stories to offer our more discerning customers!”   The Book House (Oxford’s children’s book shop)

A good read aloud at bedtime or read alone” The Herald

“A quiet wisdom at the heart of these adventures” The Guardian

“A breath of fresh air…  Warm hearted.”   The Scotsman  

The illustrations are fantastic…  there is so much to explore in these
stories”   WriteAway   

Book of the month  “The unique characters and unusual storyline make for a truly memorable read.” edontheweb