When a new series comes out, usually only the first book is reviewed by the national press.  I’ve been lucky in that not only did Boobela and Worm get great reviews, but many of the other books in the series have also received brilliant reviews.

I include some of the best here.

My first review (and in many ways my favourite) was from Amanda Craig in The Times.  Here it is:

“In Boobela and Worm, the shy lonely giantess has no friends until a worm tells her that her feet stink.  This is an excellent beginning and the tone of affectionate honesty is kept up, as a series of small adventures unfold.  Joe Friedman’s Worm is so gentle, funny and wise that it comes as no surprise to find that he unlocks Boobela’s ability to heal others.  Sam Child’s lively drawings accompany these tales about the transformative power of putting yourself into somebody else’s shoes.

The pictures and interesting typography make the book an ideal stepping stone between picture books and novels.  There are not enough good books for this age range, and Friedman’s sympathetic approach will make this one to reread.  My favourite bit is when Worm has to be rescued from his sandcastle by a flatworm when the tide comes in.”   (I’ve had to shorten the review. To read the full text, click here.

Later, Amanda Craig chose Boobela as one of her Best Books of the Year.  She said it was “wise, warm and wonderful.”

Other positive reviews were in The Sunday Times:  “It combines quirky originality with gentle simplicity in the text and in Sam Childs’s images.”  and in Publishing News “Young children everywhere will delight in the adventures of Boobela and Worm.”

Junior Educator chose the book as one of the Top Ten of the Year.  You can see the review below:

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