The Team That Produces Boobela

Orion choose an experienced illustrator, Sam Childs, to work with me.

She’d done dozens of books, including the Little Zeb books.

I checked out her drawings at the local library. They were great.

Next I met Sam and Jon for lunch.

We talked about Boobela and how she and Worm would look.  You can see Sam’s first drawings of Boobela here.

As we talked, I learned that producing a book is a lot more complicated than I thought. (And takes a lot longer!)

There are four main people involved – the author (me), the illustrator (Sam), the designer (Sue Michniewicz) and the editor (Jon Appleton edited the first five books).


Bike sue designer

Sue designer

 You probably know that the author writes the words and the illustrator does the pictures.

The designer lays out the words on the page and works with the illustrator so that the pictures compliment the text.

And the editor co-ordinates the entire book production process.  But most importantly for me, he helps me improve the stories.

I had to rewrite each story many times before my editor was happy. But I didn’t mind because each draft was better and better!