Finding a Publisher

After I’d told my daughter many Boobela stories, my wife urged me to write them down.

I gave the first story to a friend, Corinne Gotch, who worked with books.

Corrinne emailed it to Fiona Kennedy, the editor-in-chief of Orion Children’s Books.

Fiona emailed back saying she found the story “charming” and that she would read it again.

I was disappointed!  I’d wanted her to say “this is the best story I’ve ever read.”

But Corinne told me I was being silly: this was high praise indeed. She was right. Within a month, we were meeting with Fiona and Jon Appleton, the Senior Editor who would be working with me on Boobela.

Fiona Kennedy

Jon Appleton

They talked about how much they loved the story and my writing (my favourite bit!)

Then they told me all about Orion how they had a small team and how they only produced books they loved.

All this sounded great.

They explained how they wanted to publish Boobela, four stories in each book with colour pictures.  You can imagine how exciting this all was.

There was one problem though, they didn’t want Boobela to be a giant!

Boobela shrunken

I didn’t like this at all.  Boobela had to be a giant!

I was so worried that night I couldn’t sleep.  So at 2 in the morning I wrote my editor a long email.

It convinced him to keep Boobela BIG!

Boobela back to Normal