When my daughter was younger, she loved to have me read her stories at night.

One day, when she was 5, she asked me to make up a “whole new story.”

I remember sitting by her bed frantically thinking “what could this story be about?”
My first thought was “how about someone very large and someone very small?”

I liked this.

My next was “how about a girl who is a giant?”

I pictured her lying in her garden, rather lonely and sad.

Okay.  I had something big. My daughter was getting impatient.

Quick! I needed something small, who lived in a garden…

I imagined a worm, sticking his head up near her feet.

What would he say?

Then I had a brilliant idea!

He’d say, “Your feet stink!”

Finally, I needed a name.

“Boobela,” popped into my head.

Boobela is a word from a language called “Yiddish.”  It means “honey” or “darling.”

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