What would it be like to be 8 years old and taller than your parents?

What would it be like to be 8 years old and a foot taller than both your parents?


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Boobela Meets Worm

The first ever Boobela story with Sam Child’s amazing illustrations


This was the thought that inspired the first Boobela story I told to my seven year old daughter.  (Here’s the story of how it happened.) My daughter liked it so much she wanted another Boobela story the next night.   And the next.

These bedtime stories became the Boobela series of books, chosen by The Times as amongst the Best Books of the Year.

The books are brilliantly illustrated by Sam Childs.  You’ll see some of her illustrations on this page, and more on the pages that follow.  If you’d like to try your hand at coloring in some of Sam’s illustrations, go here.

The entire series of six books is now available in beautiful paperback editions at Amazon (all over the world), and in ebook editions for Ipad and Android Tablets.  Shop.

One of the things I really enjoy about the Boobela books is her Special Magic.  Boobela’s magic isn’t the same as Harry Potter’s — wands, owls, and spells.  (I love Harry Potter magic but I’ve never seen anyone do it except in the wonderful movies!)  Rather, Boobela’s Special Magic are things you, and every other child can do.  And on this website, on the Special Magic pages, I show you how!

Enjoy exploring the site to learn more about Boobela and how a book like Boobela comes to be published.  Then buy one of the books to discover Boobela’s magical world!